Monday, January 14, 2013

Intrepid Exerciser 2

Working it out at Not Just Fitness

It's not just about fitness says Shelly Weatherby, owner of Not Just Fitness, a new boutique gym in Sausalito.  Shelly started Not Just Fitness as a way to bring her lifetime interest in exercise and training to people.

So when the living social coupon for five free classes and a half hour massage came up--the intrepid exerciser snatched the challenge. In addition to her trainer certifications in ACE, and TRX, Shelly has a background in the Asian Martial Art Kenpo and several years of military service in the Navy. A class with Shelly is a lively combination all of these when she pushes like its boot camp but she also gives real-person modifications, and encourages a close awareness of breath and form.

The best part for the intrepid exerciser was the small studio
and personalized attention.
Shelly likes the idea of specialized 10-15 people classes where she can give everyone her focused attention for some part of the class. I liked the camaraderie of everyone enjoying the music and the exercise. It’s a great sign when we're all sweating and smiling!

As a dancer it’s always exhilarating to move in different ways, integrating new information, building and layering knowledge from various physical disciplines. Shelly recognizes this and by watching each student closely (including the intrepid exerciser) she challenges one to recognize a limit and work thoughtfully and energetically beyond it.

The intrepid exerciser had a lot of fun—as the video and photos attest. All of Shelly's trainers are great too. 

Check out the video of the intrepid exerciser and Zumba teacher Hilary Kretchmer:

Jump the 101 and get out of a rut, try something new at Not Just Fitness.

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