Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Intrepid Exerciser takes on the beach, the boxing ring, and the ballet studio (of course)

SurfSet and Piloxing at Bay Club Marin

Turns out hybrids aren’t just cute little cars on four wheels. The latest hybrids are exercise classes designed to combine the "best" workout tricks from several disciplines, such as boxing, ballet, or surfing. The result is a workout that's accessible but different, fun but challenging.  While not exactly for the purist, it's the perfect change it up prescription for the exercising mom-on-the-go, the super-fit indoor/outdoor jock and of course, the gym rat.

Perhaps the hybrid's greatest benefit is to get you to see your own favorite discipline in a new setting. For IE it was a revelation to finally be allowed to do 25 attitudes derriere. Perhaps for the kick boxer it would bewhat if you could jab, hook, and shake your hips?

Let’s start with Surfset. For the lowdown on the company and its founders see: surfsetfitness story
Class is taught on what looks like a surf board, only it has these balls underneath it that make it wobbly, mimicking a board on waves.  The instability factor constantly challenges your core, and then on top of that you are doing intervals and going for speed--think burpees on a surfboard. IE was definitely challenged and needed more time to complete the moves. Some of the standing balance moves: doing bicep curls with my arms in  rubber cords, while standing on one leg--I struggled with, but that gives me something to shoot for next time.

The next day I felt the small muscles in my back and legs that I haven’t felt in a while. The only drawback for me, IE, was the lack of class camaraderie. IE likes a certain group-bonding-vibe even if its subtle, and maybe because it's so difficult to balance and move, while not falling onto the hard gym floor, there wasn't much back and forth between students, or even between students and instructor. However, IE knows you  have to try a class more than once to really get a feel for it. So stay tuned for more updates!


Now Piloxing is a different thing. And I have to admit that I like it more. But then it’s easier for IE to grasp because its ballet, Pilates and boxing. Founder,Viveca Jensen, is a dynamo on video, and I can only imagine in person see SF Gate Article on Piloxing

The class mixes boxing moves: jab, uppercut, and hook with ballet and Pilates moves: standing leg work "serve the platter" (passe/attitude in ballet-speak) and traditional Pilates on the floor abdominal work: variations on the "hundreds."

They mix in some short boxing sequences that get the heart rate up.We also add in this funny "whoop-whoop" thing while we move so no one can take themselves too seriously.

IE likes it that the aerobic sets are broken up with standing ballet moves,which improves balance and tones the muscles.  It also makes the mind more flexible, as it has to stop and concentrate after an all out jumping or punching sequence.

I’m not giving either of them up--I love my Piloxing. I’ll keep at the Surfset and see what I can learn. Let you know!

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