Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September: "Falli-ing" into dance

IE/ID flips through the New York Times travel section every weekend.On the one hand it’s necessary fodder for dream-fantasy-making (Barbados, Prague etc.) and for brushing up on my shaky geography skills (as in where is Turkey? And what ocean is that?)  

At Villa Clara, the menu is in French.

This weekend yielded a fascinating article for Plierelevelife on travel bloggers.

 My favorite of this new band of adventurers/entrepreneurs is a blogger named Mickela Mallozzi of  travelbarefeet.com

After my last post of dancing on the beach (I know it’s a little long-- bear with me as I master Microsoft movie maker!!) It was great to read Mickela on dancing wherever you are: 

"To me, the most amazing way to connect with people of a different culture is to get up and dance with them, taking the time to learn something so personal about their culture.. touching them sweating with them having fun..Everyone says, 'Well I’m not a dancer, ' but you don’t have to be one as long as you are willing to try something different."

Mickela learning Hungarian dance with the locals - photo by Mario Dal Molin

It’s a time for all of us to move forward into the next season: September-school-cooler weather- dance --classes.  Let’s celebrate. Here’s to fall and new ways of fall-ing into dance every day!!

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