Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The "Occidental"--Tourist

IE/ID took a much needed overnight jaunt to the almost coastal town of Occidental.

We jumped into the car and drove

our first destination was Osmosis Spa

About Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary in Western Sonoma County

 waited for our treatment on the porch

got buried in a cedar bath

Cedar Enzyme Bath

checked into our little hotel

walked around town until we came to the union hotel restaurant as the sun was going down

went to a fantastic dinner

see the spirits flickering in the lights? 


looking out our window into the hills and trees

really fantastic trees

we packed up and gazing down into our courtyard for the last time

said goodbye to our friends

and hit the road



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Challenge--The Results Are In

And The "Winner"
 For The Most Improved Body Part Is:


Its unanimous! IE lost 1/2 inch in the hips and a full inch in the thighs! WOW!
Thank you, Pure Barre!!

IE's thighs were shaking for almost every class. See why in the exercise video below: 

Final measurements:

Hips: 36 1/2

Thighs: left 20 ½; rt 20

Claves: 12/ rt lft
Biceps  lft rt 11
Waist 29

So beyond the reshaping and toning of muscles, what is it that is special about the “barre”
at Pure Barre. 

I notice that there is a moment in every class where we are working a certain part of the body and we have to go within to find the muscles to work correctly, while that part and other parts, are shaking.
It is a struggle on the outside, but to get past it you have to go to the inside. IE found herself turning inward to find whatever was there to do another eight, or to finish the final ten.

It gets done and you move on. Its rare that moment of: "Yeah-- it’s done."

Megan, or Didi or any of the other Pure Barre Marin teachers will often say "You can finish this, that's what you came here for."

It's true. We came to remember that we can finish some things, and to enjoy that simple accomplishment whenever and where ever it happens!