Wednesday, February 20, 2013

leotard longings

What is it about a leotard?

1062PM Zip Front Polka Dot Mesh
Somehow it just makes you HAVE to pull up and extend. It reminds you: " yeah i do have a torso and I CAN lengthen it--

Anyhoo, it's unanimous among all my dancer friends: we love the freedom of sport bra and loose pants but really, when we want to dance the" leo" is the go-to-- Formal, a bit, yes, but soooo easy. For dance class put on leo and tights or leggings and a long top over it all and "Viola" you are dance ready!

Here are some of intrepid exerciser's/ inveterate dancer's favorites:

128KL Celeste With Kara Lace
another lace option with three quarter sleeves--wish the skirt came with but it doesn't--oh wel..

Nicoleblack and white lace option with skinny straps..

  This Mondor one is my favorite, loved it so much I bought it. Wish  I could get a better picture. It is a corset-type with boning down the sides for a really snug fit and leg height is lowish. The straps on the black one are nude so it looks more like a  strapless leotard--how cool is that?

 Happy shopping!

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