Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Intrepid exerciser hits the slopes--and the studio!

No--IE was not skiing but snowshoeing--Really fun!


 While it doesn't have the thrill of the downhill,  you get to drink in the alpine high without the "yardsale" risk.

And since IE is working on an injury (more on that later) this was the perfect exercise to get circulation going, joints rolling, and "elevate" the mind and heart rate.


By luck, I coupled it with a "dynamic stretching" class--which really was a personal training since it was just Nancy (the instructor) and I.

In this beautiful chalet-type studio, Nancy, a PT, and trainer for several National Snowboard Team athletes, led me through a series of moving stretches.

According to  the  Norcal SC website http://www.norcalsc.com/what-is-dynamic-stretching-why-is-dynamic-stretching-important. Dynamic stretching are active movements of muscle that bring forth a stretch but are not held in the end position."

The opposite of this is static stretching, like yoga, where the position is held for any given amount of time--depending on your insturctor--see my post on that at: http://plierelevelife.blogspot.com/2013/01/intrepid-exerciser-3-pilates-and-yoga.html 

NC site explains the science behind Dynamic Stretching:" Your body has many mechanisms that need to be activated and stimulated.  When you put your body through a series of stretches while in motion, it sends signals from the brain to the muscle fibers and connective tissues in that area to prepare to do work.  Your body’s temperature begins to rise and blood is pumped to the working areas of the body... Along with getting proper blood flow to the working area, the muscle fibers and connective tissues will gain more flexibility and range of motion. In other words, by doing dynamic stretching after your warm-up and before your workout, you are going to feel stronger and work up to a heavier load."

My favorite stretch was the one that is probably most sport specific to dancing, called the "scorpion".

 Followed by a dip in the pool, and viola, apres ski anyone?


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