Friday, March 8, 2013

permission to dance

Its more than a passing exercise trend when you read about it in Harper’s Bazaar from a senior, former NYT reporter, like Alex Kuczynski.  just dance--harpers bazaar

In her article Kuczynski tells us about the origins of Zumba. Alberto“Beto” Perez an aerobics teacher in the 90’s, forgot his usual tapes for class and instead taught with his salsa and merengue music. Aerobics and dance have never been the same.  

Alex gets it right when she says, “Sexy is what Zumba is all about.” Well, maybe that’s what we need a little more of. IE has had plenty of the“give me another 10 burpees”  or “another 30 seconds—“ of that inane interval, accompanied by the dreaded electronic disco beat, called out by the trainer with the biceps the size of my thighs. IE needs something else..Don’t you?

Wow!! What an immense release-- to just--dance. In Zumba there are no “corrections." Sometimes the teacher will break things down. (for just a little bit)  Or offer a Sunday “intensive” where you can really learn the moves. But now, in class, with the music and movement, it is just you and your body moving. Simple. And when you look around, everyone else is doing the same.

My favorite part about Zumba is that IE has nooo idea what the music is saying, but the older Latina ladies do. I love it when they have this sly smile on their lips and they shake their hips, leaning over to you, telling you the lyrics,” he is saying…” and their eyes light up with a giggle.

zumba with tom mayock

San Francisco and Marin Bollywood dance teacher Satish Panchal

has an Eastern take on sexy dance. His class incorporates belly dancing, Indian dance and even some seventies disco stuff. IE can’t tell you where one line ends and the other begins. Just watch the video and you’ll see. He lip syncs the class, which is fun, and the music is divine, groovy and electric and so different you can’t help but just give over to it and give it your best shot.  And he brings a bag of “jiggle scarves” scarves with the gold coins that make the whole hip thing just that much more fun!





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