Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Dance for the New Year


Back to the Studio

Because we still have so much left to learn

IE/ID talks to the dance teachers

The New Year has IE/ID gathering steam for diving into dance/exercise classes and 
events in Northern California and beyond. For our first New Year’s segment ID will be 
interviewing and/or taking class with several local dance teachers, highlighting their classes and performances. They'll tell us why they still dance, and how they stay motivated as instructors.

This is a rare early short film of Isadora Duncan dancing and a lovely window into the work of Lois Ann Flood a local Duncan Dancer and a favorite teacher of ID.

She has graciously shared her mission statement. Enjoy her wisdom on dance along 
with some Duncan photos to enliven her thoughts, and give the reader a sense of what it's like to take a class with Lois.

"To live is to Dance!

Elegant and passionate,


  my dance is called Classical Aesthetic Dance. 

Inspired by nature,
 This dance uses gesture, music and harmonious movement, like Isadora's "Rose Petals" dance, to create positive and hopeful feelings in the viewer. 

I believe all positive Art can create a more peaceful and harmonious world. 

Dance is my way to express feelings of love, passion 
and sorrow, 
It is a way I can express generosity and kindness.

It is a place where we join and share our experience, a way for us to come together.

I am both priestess of Isis and revolutionary of Peace

 I love teaching Natural Aesthetic Dancing. 

Watching a person moving freely and expressing herself, 
fills me with joy and hope for a better world.

Uplift the human spirit through the Beauty of the Dance."
Lois Ann Flood

Lois' ideals are all present in her classes. ID can't wait for her new series to start. 
Will be sure to let you know when and where--

yours in dance



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