Saturday, February 15, 2014

IE does her own Pure Barre Challenge

Here in Marin when you say your exercise routine is a "barre workout"—the next question will be,  "OK, but what kind?" IE has already investigated several of these varieties: Pure Barre, Dailey Method, Bar Method, Le Barre, Pilates, and Gyrokinesis.

With the New Year, several of these studios are offering “challenges.” That is, come once or twice day every day, for a month, or two and see what happens. IE thought it would be interesting to put self through such a challenge, albeit slightly differently.

IE is committing to two full weeks of classes every day at Pure Barre Marin. We'll get specific with before and after measurements,and maybe even a few exercise videos with some key class moves.  We'll see what its like to "transform your body" the Pure Barre way.

See you at the Barre,



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