Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pilates Private

 Well ID finally had her first private Pilates at the Pad Studio in Bon Aire
ID decided she would use this private session on the reformer to get more information about her persistently wonky knee. What did she find?

Becca, my instructor, is also a part owner of the studio and we decided my goal should be rehabilitation for reintegration. She watched me execute every exercise specifically targeting knee imbalances with an eye to developing even strength and flexibility. She held my knee and we pinpointed exactly where the cricks cracked.

We closely monitored how my body responded to the strategic usage of the reformer's pulleys and wheels highlighting unevenness in my legs and torso that was readable even down to my feet.
It’s different than being at the bar and looking at how your knee turns in or in a physical therapist office and doing an exercise. It’s as if you are encased in an instrument inside a controlled environment and from there can monitor closely what will my IE/ID body will do.

I learned some important IE/ID patterns. For instance, I rarely ever let my left ball of my foot down completely. I am often sitting on the outside of my feet so I can move more quickly to the next position.

Part of reintegration is realizing I am where I am, and appreciating the differences that are a part of that now. There is no visiting class teacher/ hot shot choreographer to impress. There is my body, to use and to live with. That is the  place to work from now.

“There is a greater power in listening to the body rather than telling it what to do.”  

Ohad Naharin, October 2013, Dance Magazine

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