Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can't Cross Off Cross Fit

A Dancer Takes on Cross Fit

Thanks to another Living social voucher, IE ended up at Ross Valley Cross Fit Gym for her first on ramp trainingKory, my trainer is strong and muscular, but friendly and clear in his directions. The vibe of the place is definitely Spartan: i.e. black rubbery floors, lots of barbells, and weights in varying poundage to pile on barbells that by themselves weigh 15 and 35lbs alone. 

There is not a mirror in site but plenty of writing surfaces on which we read and dive into our first " on ramp session."


Floor work is  6 and eight pound leather balls that we throw against a wall.  We use the PVC pipes to practice weight lifting techniques like dead lift sumo, and push thrust lift. There are also tons of pull up bars and really giant rubber bands that you use to stretch out triceps and shoulders and wrap around the bar and help you with the pull-ups and tick tocks with knee ups. 
Tick tocks are what your kid does on the jungle gym, swing your hips through and pull back with your shoulders then pull your knees up.
If you're wondering what exactly some of these names mean check out these video's the gym sends after your work out to help perfect your form before the next class.
*     Deadlift -  video
*      Sumo Deadlift High Pull - video
*      Med Ball Clean - video

It’s a whole new world. 

The movements are different but still recognizable. A squat is not a pliĆ©, but you still need to feel your feet, especially your heels to get the shins in a vertical position so as  the hips come through you lift to standing. IE went light on the weights to learn correct form without relying on back muscles.

ID, like most dancers, can pick up moves by watching pretty well, however, it is strange to thrust hips outward with your arms overhead. For a modern dancer, a thrust with the hips is part of  a contraction.  It’s hard to hear, “lock out your knees, ” so we modify.

Doing something completely different IE knew she was going to look goofy, dopey, it's a challenge,in short to not be graceful. 

At the end of a week IE could execute a reasonably decent push thrust. And while I am far from Olympic-anything in this discipline, it has opened up my eyes to remaining open to other ways of moving and learning new techniques. 
It shakes up your brain, activates your humility, and ultimately makes you a more versatile mover.

So watch out, if I keep working at those dead lifts, and the “fight gone bad workout,”  I might just surprise you!


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