Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"like you want to hit something.."

It looks like we had fun--and we did--but it was more than just a killer fun class. IE/ID decided to do a Piloxing teacher training. Piloxing is the creation of Vivica Jensen and it's a rock- out class that combines Pilates, boxing and dance. IE has been taking the class at Bay Club Marin for the last year and even subbing periodically.

So while IE/ID has a pretty good handle on dancing, and to some extent Pilates, boxing is a complete stretch. On top of all, that learning how to structure a class combining all those elements seamlessly and making it a realworkout is a complete mystery. The more IE subbed the more she really wanted to know how to teach a class, and the only way to do that was to take the training.

Senior Master Trainer Jordan Ballard  jordan ballard loves what she does and it certainly shows.  She had us Piloxing 

from 9-5--with 45 min for lunch and a few sit-down minutes to write anatomical or musical tips and then she would say, “Ok, let’s get up and do it.”  Her favorite refrain was "booty back," to which we would all giggle, then relax and enjoy the process.

It made IE/ID think though: What does it mean to fearlessly stick your butt out?  Or to throw that punch “like you want to hit something.” It means dropping completely into the moment, and  being in the movements that are familiar as well as those that feel awkward, strange and even a little scary.

Here’s to learning new moves and finding them refreshing and fun.Then turning around and figuring out how to teach them, making it even more fabulous!

Thanks Vivica!!


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